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Wall Street’s Underground Russian Spa Is a Dining Destination for the Soul
The Russian banya, or bathhouse, is a Slavic sweat-bathing tradition that has been around for over 1,000 years. At Spa 88 in FiDi, people in bathing suits feast on some of the city’s finest former Soviet Union fare. The banya is a place to numb my pain without alcohol, to take an impromptu nap without explanation, and to have an emotional meltdown without interrupting dinner.
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Mari Upends Tradition With a $135 Korean Hand Roll Omakase
Chef Sungchul Shim's Mari in Hell's Kitchen offers a unique take on the omakase experience, with a focus on hand rolls made with sustainable bigeye tuna confit, wagyu, and shrimp. The restaurant's atmosphere is lively and inviting, making it a great choice for a date night out.
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Caviar and Champagne Luxury Feels Fresh Again at Two Village Bars
Caviar and Champagne are often seen as luxurious and expensive items, but there are ways to enjoy them without breaking the bank. Air's and the Riddler are two wine bars that offer affordable caviar and Champagne options.
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Taiwanese-American Win Son Delivers One of NYC’s Most Thrilling Meals
Win Son is a Taiwanese-American hotspot in Brooklyn that serves up some of the city's most ambitious Taiwanese fare. The restaurant is unassuming, but the food is incredible. Be sure to try the omelet and the Breakfast of Champions cocktail.
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Eleven Madison Park Isn’t Ready to Be a World-Class Vegan Restaurant
Eleven Madison Park, a fine dining restaurant in New York City, has switched to an all-vegan menu. The restaurant is known for its dry-aged duck breast, but now offers plant-based dishes such as dosas with pine nut spread and a caviar service made with vegan roe. The price of each dinner funds five meals to hungry New Yorkers through the Rethink food charity business.
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Di An Di’s Vietnamese-American Fare Is Even More High Voltage Than the Crowd
Di An Di, a Greenpoint Vietnamese restaurant, offers a twist on the traditional bánh tráng nướng, or Vietnamese pizza. The dish, which features clams, rau ram, pork lardons, and sweet chile sauce, is reminiscent of a New Haven-style bivalve pie.
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