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Today's Top Venture Rounds
Astroforge raises $13M seed round for asteroid mining ambitions
Astroforge is a startup that is planning to mine an asteroid and bring the material back to Earth. The company has closed a $13 million seed round to finance its operations. Astroforge has developed an innovative technique to refine materials in-space. The company is targeting a relatively lightweight operation with a payload less than 200 kilograms.
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Keep Financial raises $9M led by a16z to help employers offer forgivable loans as a retention tool
Keep Financial is a startup that provides retention bonuses in the form of forgivable loans. The loans are forgiven if the employee stays at the company for an agreed length of time. The startup is announcing $9 million in funding.
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Singularity Energy raises $4.5 million seed round to decarbonize the grid
Singularity Energy, a SaaS platform that reports on carbon emissions for the electricity grid, has closed a $4.5 million seed round led by Spero Ventures and Energy Impact Partners. The company provides detailed information about the carbon intensity on the grid at any given moment, and uses machine learning to predict spikes and troughs in carbon intensity, allowing customers to time their energy use to trim their carbon footprints.
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Athleisure icon Ty Haney raises $9.8M in fresh funding for her blockchain rewards startup
Outdoor Voices founder Ty Haney is launching a new company, Try Your Best, that uses blockchain technology to help brands build customer loyalty without having to rely on buying up pricey ads on third-party social media platforms. Through TYB, brands can reward their customers for participation in the community with virtual coins, similar to loyalty points, that they can redeem in exchange for physical products.
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Finn raises $110M to expand car subscription platform in US, Germany
Finn, a car subscription platform, has raised $110 million in equity to expand in the U.S. and Europe and reach 30,000 subscriptions by the end of the year. The company offers a selection of new cars for rent, which can be delivered to the customer’s home, with no hidden fees or down payments. The price listed online includes insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance.
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With the pandemic leaving many searching, group support app Circles raises new round
Circles, an online platform for group emotional support, has raised $16.5 million in a Series A round led by Zeev Ventures. The platform matches subscribers with others going through similar life challenges, and is guided by trained mental health professionals.
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